Next Generation Summer Mentoring Program We are providing the vehicle to take high school-age youth to the next step - to learn how to work. Combine an excellent education with training provided by our business and industry professionals and you have a winning combination. You can mean the difference to these young people by helping them to understand the importance of a positive attitude, strong work ethics, teamwork, responsibility, commitment, and service. These are the soft skills that are ‘hard-earned’ and can come from strong mentors. These are the qualities that are the most sought after by employers. These are the same qualities that build strong communities and make them great places to live and work. Won’t you join us and help shape our most valuable resource, our young people? Become a mentor and leave the legacy of your lifetime! Let’s go back in time.... We’re not talking yesterday, last week, or even last year. Back to when you were a young person thinking about your future? Were you one of the fortunate ones who had a special person who took an interest in you and your future? Did you have a positive adult role model who taught you how to work and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done? We call these special people, “Mentors.” We are seeking employers who will offer Blair County youth the same support and help them to reach their potential as productive adults. Interested? Let us tell you more. What began as the desire of two local businesspeople to find a way to give back to their community has grown into the Next Generation Summer Mentoring Program. This wouldn’t be a ‘run of the mill’ summer job. We seek opportunities to connect young people with employers who are willing to share their time and talent, offer these young people a positive introduction to the world of work, and share what it takes to be a success at work - and life in general.
BlairBASICS a program of the Blair County Chamber
What is Expected of Our Mentors? The BASICS Committee of the Blair County Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with the Greater Altoona CTC, is in the process of identifying talented and enthusiastic young people who are eager to come and work for you. What we’re asking you to do, as a member of the Blair County Business Community, is consider participating as a mentor. As our business partner, this means you agree to: • Serve as the mentor/supervisor (if your schedule permits) or recruit/designate an employee. The mentor should be someone who can interact well with young people. • Hire a young person as a summer employee, offer no less than 10 hours per week and pay him or her at least minimum wage. • Give your student worker the opportunity to learn new skills and help him or her to understand what it means to be a valuable employee.
Blair County Chamber of Commerce Devorris Center for Business Development | BASICS | 3900 Industrial Park Drive, Suite 12 | Altoona, PA 16602 p: 814.943.8151 | f: 814.943.5239

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