Career Shadowing Week is a Success for Blair Students

Career Shadowing Week concluded Friday, Nov. 19, with over 300 Blair County high school juniors and seniors shadowing their volunteer hosts and learning about possible careers. Leanne Sidney, Co-Chair of the BASICS Career Development Subcommittee, sums up the goal of this experience: "Hopefully we are helping these students affirm or eliminate their career paths." Expand this page to read more reactions from the Career Shadowing experience.


Kyle Saylor, Hollidaysburg Area High School: “My job shadowing time spent at Reliance Bank was amazing. Everyone inside the workplace is amazing and so friendly. Thank you for allowing me to job shadow with you guys. I really enjoyed my time spent here and I was able to learn a lot. Thank you to the best bankers in town.”

Leanne Sidney, Co-Chair BASICS Career Development Subcommittee: "I had this anonymous quote on my desk: 'Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.' It's a good one for today."

Todd Lewis, Owner, Shoefly Shoes: "The business leaders that I contacted were very willing and accommodating."


Carrie Loose, Guidance Counselor, Williamsburg Community High School: "This is my favorite week of the school year! I am excited to send my students out into the working world to find their passion. The stories I hear the next day after shadowing (good or bad) are experiences the students won't forget."


Judy Rossi, Co-Chair BASICS Career Development Subcommittee: "I view shadowing as an opportunity for students to know if a career is definitely for them or if it is not. It's a win-win situation."

Dylan Larson, Claysburg-Kimmel High School: “Thank you! I did today’s [shadowing at Blair Medical - Dermatology] and it was so fun! And now I have a contact in the hospital. She has some stuff she wants me to see, and she can get me into the specialties I’m interested in. So I’m definitely going to do a couple more.”


Abbie Merritts, Williamsburg Community High School: "I loved my job shadow! This experience helped me decide between a veterinarian and vet tech. Watching the surgeries was amazing! The staff at Sylvan Veterinary Hospital were welcoming and helpful."


Andrea Wilk, Drayer Physical Therapy: "I think [Career Shadowing] is a wonderful program and a great way for students to see if they would like a future in rehab! Thank you for suggesting us to your students."

Brittany Morris, Williamsburg Community High School: "Everyone [at Pater Counseling] was very welcoming and inviting at my job shadow today. The experience definitely helped me know more about this type of work."