What is BASICS?

BASICS (Businesses and Schools Investing in Cooperative Solutions), a program of the Blair County Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to fostering a strong partnership between our schools and the business community and communicating career choices to students, parents, and educators, so they can prepare themselves today for the challenges of tomorrow.

What's Happening?

Business Mentors Wanted for YEA!

Be a Business Mentor for the start-up businesses of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy! Your assistance provides a tremendous opportunity for the students as they formulate their business plans and grow their businesses from just an idea to a well thought out plan. In the process, you will have the opportunity to work with some really great students! For more information, contact Royce Ann Boyd, Program Manager, at royceaboyd@outlook.com. Sessions start in January. The deadline to register to become a mentor is December 8, 2020.

Career Shadowing Moved to March 2021

Career Shadowing will be offered March 22 - 26 this coming Spring due to the pandemic. The subcommittee hopes that by that time in-person shadowing will be possible. Students need to complete their applications online by Friday, January 15, 2021.

Early Childhood Subcommittee Will Play Role in New Initiative

When the Blair County Chamber signed-on to a partnership with the U.S. Chamber to look at ways that counties can more effectively provide equal opportunity to all, one group that will be included in those discussions will be young children. “The equality of opportunity issue has a variety of components and early childhood is certainly one deserving consideration,” explained Rodney Green, who chairs the BASICS Subcommittee on Early Childhood Education. “We look forward to having an impact.”