What is BASICS?

BASICS (Businesses and Schools Investing in Cooperative Solutions), a program of the Blair County Chamber of Commerce, is dedicated to fostering a strong partnership between our schools and the business community and communicating career choices to students, parents, and educators, so they can prepare themselves today for the challenges of tomorrow.

What's Happening?

New Video Supports School Attendance

The Healthy Blair County Coalition's Youth Connection Task Force has created a new video that helps parents, students and the community at large understand the scope and causes of the school attendance problem in Blair County and offers practical solutions. Please click HERE to view.

BASICS/Rotary Career Fair Scheduled for April 28

The BASICS/Rotary Career Fair, which provides high school sophomores from ten area schools the opportunity to learn about careers both inside and outside of Blair County, will be held on Wednesday, April 28 at the Blair County Convention Center. The event was postponed earlier this year due to Covid-19.

Career Shadowing Week Happening in April

Due to the pandemic, Career Shadowing has been rescheduled and will now be offered April 26 - 30. Critical dates for this year's program are: March 5 (Friday) - Cut-off date for students to submit applications; March 10 (Wednesday) - Volunteers' meetings; April 16 (Friday) - Deadline for volunteers to complete shadowing opportunities; April 26-30 - BASICS Career Shadowing Week; May 21 (Friday) - Deadline for Evaluation Forms and Student Reflection Forms completed online.